Sunday, March 16, 2008

Contents of My Bag

From no blogging to two in one night? Oh, the insanity!

Nah, I just had something funny to share.

Yesterday I stumbled across a pair of Chucks at TJ Maxx. They're brown and pink, and they exactly match my Timbuk2 bag. I've had the bag since December Holiday break.

What a score, and it sort of made me realize to look super-smashing, I should probably clean up my bag a little bit. Then I thought, wouldn't it be interesting to share the contents of my bag? All of these things I carry around with me every single day. No wonder my back is curved.

Outside of the bag:
* Streetlight Manifesto button
* Mighty Mighty Bosstones button (from New Year's Eve show in Providence)
* Toasters button
* Barkers Beauties button
* little blue carabiner with chapstick hook
* silver blue full-size carabiner (for shopping)
* purple pen, courtesy of Yahoo!

Inside flap pocket:
* Buffalo Wild Wings receipt (chicken wings)
* Clipps receipt (haircut)
* mini chakra stone set in small plastic ziploc

Main compartment:
* wallet (not even going to venture inside that tonight)
* awesome green cabled knit hat from myrddinthegeek
* 2 Eat 'n Park receipts
* TGI Friday's receipt
* 19 business cards (all mine)
* scribbled note with directions to my doctor's office
* 2 ATM receipts
* 2 band aids
* 1 appointment card
* 2 travel packets of Motrin
* 1 lemon cough drop
* pewter pocket mirror with celtic design on back
* 1 prized Pilot Precise V5 RT pen
* other meds
* travel packet of kleenex
* Buffalo Wild Wings receipt
* Gateway Grill receipt
* 2 Panera receipts
* checkbook
* random set of keys I never use
* pair of green earplugs
* travel size Lemon & Sage Body Butter from Bliss
* compact of lip gloss
* pair of cream colored fingerless elbow gloves
* sunglasses in red case
* Lone Star steakhouse receipt
* dollar bill
* roll of Cinnamon Mentos
* Fuddruckers receipt
* MarketPlace Grill receipt
* expired car insurance cards
* PetCo receipt
* El Campesino receipt
* 2 large stone beads in a paper bag from the Bead Mine
* 1 quarter
* container of green tea mints
* 4 Canada Dry Ginger Ale Halls cough drops (yes, ginger ale cough drops are available in Rhode Island)
* Mad Mex receipt
* Murray Avenue Grill receipt
* copy of The Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac
* black cloth headband
* small courderoy bag with assorted toiletries
* copy of Locks of Love donation form
* coupon for free chocolate fondue at The Melting Pot
* birthday card from captdex96
* coupon for The Square Cafe
* 3 pages of pictures of inspiration for my next tattoo
* Banfield Wellness Plans brochure
* Banfield Vet paperwork from Stuart's last visit

There you have it!

Thank you.

*Someone* has been throwing some serious nag-time my way in terms of my blogging activity. Apparently when about 6 people read your blog, at least 1 or maybe 2 of them is bound to get cranky enough to call me out on the fact that I rarely blog anymore.

Fact of the matter is, I've been a little caught up in life. I'm looking for a new place to live. I'm trying to compile some things and get them sent in the mail. I need to clean out my bag. I'm saving for some ink. And I'm in the process of redesigning myself and my life in a manner I currently see fit.

So for all those who are wondering, I am now healthy. I am also now well on my way to happiness. Several of you have passed me some sanity, and you know, it means so much to me.* So thanks. And for those of you who listened to me cough up my lungs at 4am, I'm sorry I've put you through that. For those of you who didn't mind that I crashed on your couches and chairs, camped out in your guest bedrooms and parked myself on your spare mattresses, I thank you so much.

That's all for now. Thanks kids.

* Lyrics tidbit thanks to Less Than Jake. Thanks for putting feeling, backbone and balls into my daily life.