Friday, June 13, 2008

Has it really been this long?

Wow! I skipped the entire month of April!

Pretty ridiculous. Not interesting at all. At least not for this blog. Life, however, has been quite interesting...

I've been more places in the last several months than I can name off the top of my head - Arizona, New York, and much of New England. I've lived in probably just a few less than that.

I'm making it a point to enjoy everything Pittsburgh has to offer this summer.

I've been to some seriously amazing shows.

I cut off all my hair (not the first time, but it feels like drama every time).

I pierced my nose (I've wanted that since I was 16).

I lost and continue to mourn a dear family member. I can't bear to take his number out of my cell phone, even though he's not at the other end of that number anymore. Even though I get sad every time I email something to myself from my cell phone because his number is next in my directory.

I developed a life path and a life plan. Both got derailed a bit.

I'm developing a new path and a new plan. Well, sort of.

And I'm a-gettin some of just exactly what I need.

That's all. Now I'm a little happy and a little sad. I just try to remember, when everything gets you down, try to laugh a little. :)