Monday, April 09, 2007

Bad Blogger. No Donut.

Bad blogger, no donut. So says a friend of mine, and damn is he ever right. I suck.

So, where, exactly, have I been? Around, I guess you could say.

Quite a lot going on right now... Springtime (is it springtime? by more than calendar only?) is always a crazy time for work. I finally got the pup I have been pestering for (but I think I posted that last time), not to mention my widdle bwudder is getting married in a couple months. Excuses? Perhaps. But I feel I have genuinely been a very busy girl.

I would have snuck straight off to bed tonight, but in my internet travels looking for recipe cards (yes, recipe cards of all things because I cannot find them in a store to save my life) I came across something I absolutely, positively, just had to share.

Weight Watchers recipe cards from 1974:

I was stunned. I was amazed. And I wanted to vomit. All simultaneously. Have a gander. If you have a sense of humor like mine, you'll double over.

That's all for now - I'll be back. I promise.

And I'm not going to bother posting on the weather... my study is pretty much out at this point.