Thursday, February 08, 2007

Yoga Fun and Horny Fish

Did the headline catch your eye?

Last night was my very first Yoga class, and please allow me to say I'm more than pleased. Had a great time, was nowhere near as scary or hard as I thought it might be. I broke a sweat - which I haven't done for some time, and actually got out of the house - which is always a treat for me. I'm a little sore today, actually, but I'm really not all that surprised. It was fantastic. So fantastic, in fact, that we're planning on going again next Wednesday. And even better - I found free on demand programming on our cable with Yoga workouts - and just did one. Awesome. And our house is freezing cold, so it's helping me keep warm too. Sweet.

I've been feeling really bad for Bayonne (he's a betta) - he has his own special bowl in the kitchen and since it's been so cold lately, his little bowl has been feeling like ice. He's been so chilly that he's awfully sluggish and barely moves much at all. In fact, this morning I had to shake his bowl to get him to move and eat, and that never happens. So, I decided to move him into the big tank. He seems to be doing fine so far; granted he's only been in there for about an hour now. He's hanging out in all the plants and keeping to himself, so we'll see how it goes.

And that brings me to the fact that we have a horny tankful of fish. The three [now officially identified as] molly babies are doing splendidly. I was feeding them and watching Bayonne carefully - when I noticed a small glint of orange. Since it was under the bubble wall, I thought my brain was playing tricks on me... But no. I checked - there are at least 5 orange platy babies (they're definitely orange this time!) hiding out in the bottom of the tank! I can't even begin to net them yet - they're good hiders and, well, have about the same number of molecules as a speck of dust. I guess all this means we have a healthy tank... and a big school of horny fish.

We'll see what happens in the morning - with any luck, instincts will kick in and they'll come out to eat.

Average Daily Mood: 7
Average Daily Sky: 9
Notable Food Consumption: Tortellini

Saturday, February 03, 2007

I'm Back.

Back. I skipped a few days. Work's been insane and to be honest after I'm done for the day I've been feeling so burned out that there really isn't much energy left. And I certainly don't want to spend that tiny little bit that's leftover in front of another computer. But I'm back today, after a much needed day for me.

Had a bit of a beauty day earlier - had my hair dyed (it's been far too long) and trimmed. Wow, amazing how much better I feel after just that tiny change.

Hit both craft stores today - picked up a wooden box and some paint. I have some fabric to cover the inside with. The idea: create a lovely little storage box for my quickly multiplying rock/mineral/crystal collection. I realized last week that I kept picking up my rocks from all over the house and bringing them into my office. Pretty soon the pile on the desk (right in my workspace, no less) had grown to ridiculous proportions. Besides the fact that they were getting hard to work around, all the little buzzes and hums from each of them was making it impossible to concentrate. What made me bring them into the office in the first place? Not sure. I do know that they quickly became very distracting. So, I moved most of them into the bedroom, which is where they usually reside. Now, I feel as though they're distracting there too - and a bedroom is really no place to be distracted. So, the box. Perhaps if I store them in their own safe little cubby, they'll get some good naps in and be all ready to work when I need them.

Still haven't opened the mini chakra set I got at Mesa. Definitely want to do that soon.

The baby fish are all doing amazingly well, they're growing like little weeds. At first, I was certain they were baby platys. They were miniscule, grey baby fish. Now that they're looking more like grownups, I realize I've made a mistake. They have to be baby mollies. Which completely throws me off. My girl mollie died at least a week, if not two weeks, before I ever noticed these little guys in the tank. Mollies are live-bearers... So the only thing I can figure out is that she died giving birth. And it took me anywhere from a week to two weeks to notice there were baby fish in the tank. Makes me kind of sad, since mollies supposedly have a lot more babies than three. How many of those babies got chomped by all the other fish in the tank before I noticed? Gruesome thought.

Well, it's Saturday, and it's time for pizza. With garlic butter.

Average Daily Mood: 8
Average Daily Sky: 9
Notable Food Consumption: McDonalds (cut me a break I'm sure it's been nearly a year) and pizza. Yes, we're going for the saturated fat and sodium marathon today.